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We produce Land Registry Compliant Plans for UK Solicitors and Conveyancers involved in Commercial and Residential Lease creation,
Conveyancing, Transfers of Land and Boundary Disputes.
Under the provisions of the Land Registration Act 2002 all new leases granted for a term exceeding 7 years, and existing leases sold or assigned with 7 years left to run are now subject to registration at the Land Registry.
Part of this registration process is the inclusion of a Land Registry Compliant Plan which must now be submitted. If the Plan you have was drawn before 2002 it may not meet the current Land Registry Requirements.
We will take your instructions, visit the site to measure the Building, Land and any Garages or Outbuildings, prepare a scaled drawing and a site plan and provide a North Point. We produce 2 copies of the plan as standard and each will be carefully coloured with a red line around the demise and rights of way and other accessways will be carefully delineated or shaded.
As Part of Surveyline Chartered Surveyors, we are used to working to Solicitors instructions and within a specific time frame.
Each Plan we produce will be Land Registry Compliant and ready to use in your Lease or Conveyance.
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